Terrorist are playing havoc, extremists are on a killing spree and targeted killings continue unabated. More than 40,000 innocent people, including women and children, have been killed but not even a single terrorist or killer has been hanged since 2008. Many terrorists who have been awarded death punishments are living in prisons. They are the accused who were arrested after a lot of struggle by the police and other security forces and have been convicted by the courts. These dangerous and merciless killers are taken out of prisons by their companions and they become the force multiplier of terrorist groups. Take the example of the Bannu Jail attack in which hundreds of terrorists were taken away by their companions. One of them was an ex-Pakistan Air Force employee and could be behind the Kamra Base attack. This is the price of not punishing criminals.  We need to have special laws to deal with terrorists and no more time should be wasted. There haven’t been any terrorist attacks in those countries which made special laws, tightened security, improved the capacity of their law-enforcement agencies and, above all, united their people against the common enemy or threat. But unfortunately we are suffering due to ambiguity, lack of cooperation and poor performance of law-enforcement agencies. We can’t afford to lose more time. All political parties should shun their differences and focus on a one-point agenda: dealing with extremism. 

Bilal Shahid, 

Rawalpindi, August 29.