The office of ombudsman is critical for good governance. It is noticed that maladministration and corruption in government offices, both, federal and provincial has alarmingly increased. There have been avoidable delays, faulty procedures, unfairness, bias, refusing to answer questions, discourtesy, and mistakes in handling claims are just a few examples.

The instances of favoritism, nepotism, lack of integrity, excessive action, inaction, abuse of position on the part of officials and elected functionaries are also reported across the country particularly in Sindh. Therefore the provincial Ombudsman’s office must perform it’s duties with diligence and dedication to uphold the rights of the citizens.

The Ombudsman office lacks proper training and orientation; this could be the cause of many problems which can be eradicated by providing proper training in a capacity building institute. Furthermore, In order to tackle the ever growing menace of irregularities, corruption in public institutions, I appeal to the president to appoint the Federal Ombudsman at his earliest as already two years have passed and the post is lying vacant.   


Islamabad, August 29.