Javed Hashmi took a bold stand against Pervez Musharraf and was sent to prison. He is mainly respected because of this one act of defying Musharraf. Nowadays, he can be seen on TV talk shows using inappropriate language and mounting personal attacks on his former allies who are now his adversaries. His references to marriages of his erstwhile compatriots are particularly in bad taste.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others. The people of Pakistan look up to Imran Khan because they want a change. Unfortunately, instead of this expected change, what they see around Khan are men who start foaming at the mouth while making personal attacks against members of the parties which they themselves were a part of for decades. There are many with controversial backgrounds who have joined the PTI. If we are to dig into personal lives, marriages and affairs of our political leaders then no politician will come out unblemished. Let us move forward. Declaration of assets, in spite of contradictions and gross undervaluing, by the PTI leaders was a good move. People expect the PTI to start addressing the real issues instead of this blame game that is consuming its energy.

 Abrar H,  

Faisalabad, August31.