The Government’s efforts to end the ongoing political deadlock and to save democracy have yet to show results. Street power, shown by the ruling party clearly indicated that PML-N doesn’t lack political support. Moreover, the mainstream political parties, backing the democratic setup, have rightly registered their concerns regarding the political standoff between Government, PTI and PAT. Refusal by Imran and Dr. Qadri to move an inch from their demands may result in dismantling the democratic process, abrasion of the constitution or deviation from the constitutional path.

One can only pray that sense may prevail and in the best interest of the country, the leadership of both PAT and PTI may agree to resort to dialogue and make some constructive and legitimate demands. We should all be concerned as the future of our country is at stake. We made many sacrifices to gain this home land and we should strive to hold fast to it now.


Lahore, August 27.