Most of the political parties have refused to support Imran Khan’s agenda and his Azadi march. They assume that his politics will derail democracy. Imran Khan is being accused of using undemocratic ways to oust the government. The National Assembly passed a unanimous resolution against his unconstitutional demand of deposing an elected Prime Minister. Now the question is, if Khan has no political standing and if his demands are unconstitutional, why are people fervently supporting him? Why have PTI’s slogan of ‘change’ and PAT’s battle cry of ‘revolution’ become the political buzzwords? Imran Khan has succeeded in amassing a zealous crowd in the federal capital to expose rigging in elections and has challenged the rotten political system, but at the cost of his own political career. His aim is not only to dislodge the incumbent government but also to bring massive reforms in our political system. His initial demand was for the audit of votes at four specific constituencies and this was a fair demand but the government did not pay heed.

While there is weight in his criticism of the government and the electoral system, he has also committed some political blunders that have encouraged his opponents to misinterpret and misrepresent his movement. His way of challenging the media, the Government, and the Constitution and most importantly, unsubstantiated accusations against the Judiciary isolates him. His demand for Prime Minister’s resignation prompted widespread criticism. His next blunder was to call for civil disobedience. This damaged his image and helped build a perception that he is merely interested in grabbing power.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister strengthened his position by giving conciliatory leeway to the marchers, in order to avoid riots and violence. The main question now, is how will this impasse be broken? IK should realize that the ground is not fertile for radical change, although people have tremendous grievances against the current political system and the government. Though PTI has managed to sit-in for the longest period and hope and believe that a fair and transparent electorate system and reformation of political system will happen.

The current political crisis should be an eye opener for the Sharif brothers. Their failure to provide good governance and resolve the problems of the poor masses have brought them to their knees.


Islamabad, August 28.