PESHAWAR  - Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak visited PIMS in Islamabad and enquired after the health of MPA Fazle Ilahi who was seriously injured due to tear gas shelling by police.

Provincial Minister for Environment Ishtiaq Urmar and other PTI leaders also accompanied him on this occasion. Pervez Khattak also enquired after the health of other PTI workers and office-bearers who were injured due to firing of rubber bullets, heavy baton charge and tear gas shelling of police.

Talking to political workers and media on this occasion, Khattak condemned cold-blooded killing of peaceful protesters by the government. He said that such atrocities would cost heavy to the government. He said the nation would never tolerate more cruelties. He regretted that Punjab police have been turned into Gullu Butts. He said, “Supreme Court has allowed us for peaceful protest. We would soon get rid of such plunderers and cruel rulers.”

He lamented that Sharif brothers by depriving the people of peaceful protest and firing them at in front of their own parliament proved that they were in fact predecessors of Yazid, Genghis Khan and other such cruel monarchs. He said that even those felt ashamed now after seeing Sharif kings’ atrocities who voted them in the past elections.

Khattak said that after such atrocities of rulers there was no justification of remaining at home by the people now but to come out for getting rid of such shameful slavery. He deplored that killing and oppressing scenes in Sharif kingdom were even not witnessed in the past English era of slavery and martial law regimes. “It is pity state of affairs that our rulers ruthlessly killed and injured their peaceful protesting citizens by the police whom are paid salaries through their hard earned taxes,” he added.

He appealed the entire nation, especially the people of Punjab, to come out for lodging protest against the atrocities of killer police and Sharif kings. He also asked the nation in general and the politicians in particular to judge by themselves how the rulers who showered bullets and expired chemical tear gas shelling over the peaceful demonstrators and thus killing, seriously injuring and amputating them could be well wishers of their people and democracy. Hence he said that it was high time for all political forces to join hands against such brutal police and cruel kings; otherwise, they would had to face its music in the near future too.

Khattak regretted that Sharif brothers were doing all such undemocratic and brutal acts just for lust of government and wealth. He regretted that Punjab police did not hesitate to kill and injure women, children and aged people while those PTI workers were also arrested from the hospitals in Islamabad who just visited there to donate blood to injured protesters. “The government by dragging media personnel from their vehicles, ruthlessly beating them and breaking their cameras, in fact proved that it also wants to gag the media to stop it from exposing the truth. These kings seem against the very existence of media in the country but they will certainly come to its senses after they will face capital punishment for killing innocent people,” Khattak maintained and made it clear that PTI under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan would fulfil its long cherished mission of breaking the shackles of slavery and paving way for a new Pakistan.