Change is looming but the question remains when will this change come and at what cost? Is the cost of this change equivalent to the benefit we will get, or will the damages outweigh the benefits? The word ‘change’ in itself seems so appealing that we have forgotten that this change can hamper our future. The recent happenings are a proof of the point I am trying to make. The recent incidents have not only boosted the dollar rate, but have also driven away all investments, which were coming to Pakistan. Our stock markets, which once appeared to be lucrative for investors, locally and internationally has become unpredictable and now, no one is willing to invest.

Apart from this, the construction and planning of dams, motorways and other projects have also stopped. A nation without infrastructure is similar to a writer without a pen. How can we expect our future and current generations to progress if we lack a proper infrastructure? I am not supporting any party, but I am a Pakistani and my heart bleeds when I see that our nation, which has been blessed with tremendous capability is rotting because of ignorance and manipulation. Now we have to decide, is this change worth it?


Karachi, August 22.