BTG LOS ANGELES - Jennifer Aniston has always been happy with any acting job she’s won. The 45-year-old actress shot to fame when she won the role of ditzy Rachel Green on Friends, but before that she hadn’t been in anything that big.

While some stars would have despaired, Jennifer was just happy to be honing her craft.’Ever since I was at the High School of Performing Arts in New York and my Russian acting coach told me I was a disgrace to the Moscow theatre, I really wanted to do good work; I was determined to prove him wrong,’ she told British magazine Hello!

‘Before the phenomenal success of Friends, I worked in a graveyard of sitcoms. I was just happy to get a job, whether the series made it to air or not.’

The star fully realises how lucky she is to be in her position, but hasn’t forgot the hard times. She believes they are essential to being successful and had some words of wisdom for how to get through them. ‘Stubbornness and determination. You spend a lot of time with other actors who are also going through the same thing and you’re all dealing with rejection and disappointment. So you tell yourself to just hang in there and have faith in yourself. But you never forget the tough times - it makes your respect your success and everything good that happens to you,’ she said.

Jennifer always wanted to act for the most part, although she did flirt with another career at one point. ‘There was a time when I wanted to be a therapist. I liked the idea of talking to people. I was always the girl people would talk to about their problems. In fact, I still am,’ she said.