Islamabad- Dr Tahir Qadri and Imran Khan appealed to their supporters to calm down and remain peaceful today.

Appeal from both the leaders came after clashes started early this morning between protestors and law enforcement agencies. First Khan urged his supporters not to take law in their hands. He said nobody should attack anyone unless come under attack by police. Khan also urged PAT workers to remain peaceful. Minutes after Khan’s brief announcement, Qadri also came out to make the same request. Qadri eulogized the patience showed by his workers despite the fact that they were subject severe brutality by the government. The baton-yielding and stone throwing protestors crossed a distance of nearly one kilometer and reached Pak Secretariat and PTV Chowk where they smashed windowpanes of several vehicles of government employees. Seizing an area of Shahrah-e-Dastoor within one kilometer, the protestors reached Pak Secretariat and broke outer gate of the building entered the building.