LAHORE  - Love Learning Conference 2014 organised by 3P Learning & Mathletics Pakistan held at SukhChaan Wellness Club wherein educationists shared their views about learning at every age.

This conference is a series of lectures and workshops aimed at challenging teachers and educators to look differently and creatively at teaching and learning.

Educationists Ghulam Rabbani Shah, Mohammed Akram and Tina Hameed shared their experiences with the participants. They focused on teaching ethics, learning dispositions and integration of technology in the regular teaching.

 and learning process through online education in schools as well as for parents who can also learn from their homes.

Tina Hameed while sharing her views said that learning dispositions were different from skills and knowledge and have long term effects on lifelong learning. The concept of the dispositional approach rests on the working assumption that effective, sustained change in the ethos and effects of schooling, to develop stronger positive learning dispositions, only happens when many ingredients are present, she said. 

Ghulam Rabbani Shah stressed on teaching ethics. He said education was a sublime process of discovering the best of a man by learning the worthwhile and unlearning the superfluous.