Los Angeles (DM): Justin Bieber broke down in tears after an incredible performance at the MTV VMAs on Sunday night. The singer, 21, silenced his critics with a spectacular routine and rendition of Where Are You Now and his new single, What Do You Mean. It’s the first time the star has performed at the ceremony in five years. Showing a much deeper side to himself, the star bent over double overwhelmed by emotion as the crowd erupted following his performance. The 21-year-old is often pop’s biggest brat, but it was hard to not be touched as he tried to cover his face as he teared up before breaking into sobs on stage. That is unless you are host Miley Cyrus, who decided it best not to break with her script and awkwardly flirted with the still crying star telling him to call her ‘when he’s legal’. Bad jokes and tears aside, the Baby singer impressed with a stripped back but still high energy performance.

Dressed just in black with a baseball cap on, the star kicked off his set looking a lot like he was just rehearsing.

Obviously confident in his singing and dancing abilities, the star started with the Skrillex and Diplo track Where Are U Now? Which he features on. Justin first sang by himself before some male backup dancers exploded onto stage.

Keeping up with the professional dancers, the singer showed off his quick feet and vocal abilities.

Then it was really his time to shine, with the singer turning the energy yo even more for his new single, What Do You Mean? Supported by some female backup dancers, Justin continued to give the performance his all.

As he sung the final verse, the star was lifted into the sky where a voice over told his fans to have faith.

Perhaps reflecting on his recent attempt to overcome his past bad behaviour and dedication to Christianity, his voice over said that ‘life is a journey... [and] when you fall it allows you to get up’.