In western world the making of laws protecting consumers’ rights, their implementation and compensation provided to the aggrieved parties, is kept on highest priority. However, in developing countries like Pakistan, the consumers face multifaceted problem in this regard. Fortunately, we do have the laws governing the consumer rights but their implementation and the dispensation of justice is a far cry. Secondly, the general public lacks in awareness about their consumer rights. That’s why the citizen are increasingly suffering owing to unsatisfactory services provided by doctors, lawyers, mason and every other goods or service providers.

Luckily, a recent verdict by a consumer court on a damages suit ordering a senior doctor to pay 46 million rupees to an aggrieved person is a landmark achievement in this regard. It is pertinent to mention that such decisions should be made public to cultivate broader awareness among masses regarding their consumer rights. In this way , the creation of proper awareness among consumers about their rights and ensuring the protection of consumer rights by the competent law enforcing authority, may prove instrumental in making professionals discharge their duties with due care and responsibility.


Mandi Bahauddin, August 17.