ISLAMABAD - An architecture exhibition by GN Kazi went on display here at Nomad Art Gallery, Saidpur, yesterday.

The exhibition titled ‘A Heritage Preserved’ — a collection of exquisite architectural paintings — is focussing on over 25 paintings that are serene and aesthetically pleasing, harmonious and tranquil. GN Kazi, who took the solo place at the gallery, is a very talented and sensitive artist who has expertise in architecture specifically. He has exhibited his work at the gallery many times. He has a strong command in portraying old building, havelis and local culture. He has chosen the limited colours to make it simple and natural. The artist shows the complexities as well as simplicities of the architecture side by side to compliment and highlight the other. He chooses minimum colours so that the attention of the viewers does not divert from the subject and tends to use earth tones and the various shades of the night sky as a reflection and depiction of his soil.

Nageen Hayat, the founder and director of Nomad Art Gallery, expressed affirmative view about the artist. She appreciated the colour combination he has used in his work. Nageen said it’s good to see artist putting their effort in spreading the aroma of Pakistan. “Architecture is a very rare subject to compliment. We need people who work for their people, for their country.” She liked the idea to highlight the strength of Pakistan, which is its diverse culture.

She said these events are organised to give boost and scope to the artists, especially those who want to represent the true colours of Pakistan. The gallery supports events for the promotion of art and culture.

Having a four-year diploma in fine arts from Karachi School of Arts, the artist served as instructor of fine arts at various educational institutes and centres. He has various solo and group shows at home and abroad to his credit.