Public sector organizations, both at federal and provincial level, in Pakistan are held in contempt due to their weak human, institutional and organizational capacities. Human capacity building including capacity building of public and private sector organizations is necessary for Pakistan.

Several federal and provincial capacity building organizations mandated with the specific objective to improve the capacity of government employees including civil servants, judicial officers, among others, are operating and utilizing abundant resources to enable the trainees to respond to emerging trends and challenges in the organizational governance in the rapidly changing world by sharpening their skills.

It is noticed that many trainees hailing from various occupational groups are nominated for training in different academies and institutes. These trainees such as CPS, PCS Officers, Judicial Officers and such like others undergo for trainings and trainings but they return empty –handed because in many organizations empty headed, intellectually and professionally blank people, allergic to teaching, training, and books, but crazy about handsome packages, perks and privileges, guppy and gourmand, what we call “re (tired) lot”, who often promote despair and despondency,( not all, exceptions do exist) are rehired and given extensions and after extensions. They don’t love to train the trainees as desired. They don’t use their skills to impart training to the mature minds. PowerPoint presentations, cut and paste, would not serve the purpose.

Like many others, it is my considered opinion that most often our trainings at academies and institutes are poor and substandard and many members of the faculty lack professionalism and proficiency.

Time has come to hire and rehire the real talent and intellect in the training academies and institutes in the country who inspire attitudinal, behavioral, moral, motivational and intellectual change among the trainees, the faculty which have the capacity to train the trainees, to deliver the best when they are back to their respective duty stations. Otherwise, how long this fill- in -the blank practice we have to continue and waste the national resources including the time of the trainees?


Islamabad, August 15.