ISLAMABAD - The decision of hosting first edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) at the neutral venue of Doha, Qatar is not only made in haste but will also prove wastage of money and time.

The earlier preferred destination by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was UAE but its authorities refused to make available their grounds as already dates were booked by former cricket greats, who wanted to organise Master cricket championship.

PSL governing council chairman Najam Sethi, who is also PCB executive committee chairman, decided to give nod of approval to Doha for the first edition of the PSL. It makes no sense of conducting the PSL at neutral venue, as it will be wastage of time, money and efforts. Qatar lacks international standard cricket grounds, as only one ground is available and that too yet to host international cricket match. It will be huge risk of even thinking about starting the PSL first edition in Doha, Qatar, a country which is never known for cricket rather they are football following nation.

Although there are quite a few Pakistanis residing in Qatar, yet Indians here too lived in quite majority, while Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis also in great numbers. Indians will never turn up to watch the PSL matches because the PCB had made it clear that they would not select Indian players. Another reason is that it is because of India, Pakistan has been deprived of hosting international matches in Pakistan, how is it possible for Indians to let the PSL a success even in Doha.

It will be too tough to prepare pitches for entire tournament. The pitches can crack down, so it could be a gamble by the PCB especially by Najam Sethi, who wants to embark on mission impossible. Instead of wasting such huge amount on so-called PSL, PCB can use such hefty amount on other development projects and utilise on players’ well-being. It will only benefit foreign players and to some extent Pakistani players, but for the PCB, it would prove very costly and couldn’t bear fruit in shape of generating revenues.

The PCB should focus on hosting the PSL on its own soil. They can conduct it at Karachi, Lahore or even in Rawalpindi. The cricket-crazy Pakistanis want to see international players live in action at their home grounds. If the foreign players are promised to be provided red-box security, they will certainly available for the league and it will also enhance the sponsors’ interest in the league, as they want to advertise their products and generate heavy revenues in return.

It will serve no purpose for their products, if the PSL was staged in Doha or even at any other neutral venue with the only exception of UAE, where crowds turn up in quite a few numbers, as UAE was made home of cricket. UAE authorities should have kept that in mind before allocating dates to Master cup organizers, it was Pakistan’s first right, UAE authorities were fully aware PCB was desperate to launch PSL, they should have facilitate PCB.

The board is under stern financial constraints, especially after the BCCI’s refusal to honor their written commitment of playing bilateral series with Pakistan. Under such tight financial situation, there is an urgent need of preserving reserves rather than adventurism. PCB chairman Shahryar M Khan must wake up and take decision, rather than letting Sethi and others dictate terms.

The PCB is only sporting institution left, which is financially strong and never looked at government for financial assistance, rather they always lent helping hand to other sports especially hockey. But if things continue in same fashion and non-technocrats continue to take major decisions, the day is not far, when the PCB finances will soar and they will be left high and dry. These non-professionals should not be allowed to ruin Pakistan cricket and take decisions of highly significance.

There are strong doubts about venues’ capacity to host such number of matches, as the five-team tournament will take place in February 2016 with a total of 24 matches scheduled to be held in the first edition. Such number of matches can spell disaster and any misadventures can pile further miseries on Pakistan cricket. The brains behind this idea should not be allowed to go ahead with adventurism.

The time is high when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who is also PCB patron-in-chief, should take some time off from his other important assignments and look into the PCB affairs before it’s too late. The PSL should be conducted either at the home soil or at least at the neutral venue of UAE instead of unknown place like Doha.