The district administration of Sialkot has established three relief centres for the large number of India shelling affected people who have fled their house in border villages along Sialkot Working Boundary.

These relief centres have been established at villages - Daallowali, Harpal-Balaarwali and Panur here.

Hundreds of Indian shelling-hit villagers are staying at these centres during nights to avoid firing by Indian BSF as they mostly target Sialkot border villages during nights.

The people from 50 border villages including Joyian, Chaprar, Nandpur, Harpal, Charwah, Dhamaala, Bajra Garhi, Baghiyaari, Jangura, Rangor, Sakhiyaal, Pachhani Khurd, Kothey Raja, Jang, Tongar, Raja Harpal and Salaankey have shifted to safer places due to the fresh spell of unprovoked Indian mortar shelling on the villages along Sialkot Working Boundary.

The affected villagers have been passing through a critical juncture as they have fled their houses to save their lives in the face India hostilities from across the border. They said that their old wounds are still green.

Sialkot district administration officials said that the fresh spell of unprovoked Indian shelling has affected 50,000 population in border villages, while, more than 40,000 people have been shifted to safer places.

Most of these 'IDPs' from Sialkot border villages, have been living in the fields under the sky in tents and have no foods.

The affected people complained that there is lack of all basic facilities at the relief centres.

There is high grass and floodwater standing in these relief centres.

The dozens of BSF firing affectees including women and children said that they have been spending restless and sleepless nights at these centres.

They go back early in the morning to their Indian firing affected houses for cooking meal and have to return back to the safer places before 5:00pm in evening every day.

Village Dhamaala-Charwah based farmer Muhammad Saleem said "though we are peace-loving people, but now, enough is enough, appealing that please kill them who are killing us, considering our peace wish as our weakness".

Rukhsana Bibi, while shifting towards safer place said "it is time of tit for tat".

Village Joyian-Sialkot based notable Ch Sabir Hussain Joyia said, "the miseries of people living in border villages are unabated." He said that they (Indians) are again killing us, by targeting civilian population".

In village Bajra Garhi-Sialkot, a local notable Mohsin added that this massive brutality and aggression by the Indian BSF also killed dozens of cattle and damaged hundreds of houses in border villages.

Several Indian shelling effected villagers said, "Indian BSF wrote a story of massive brutality and inhumanity by targeting innocent civilians in Sialkot border village Kundanpur of Sucheetgarh sector along Sialkot Working Boundary here on August 28,2015, which left ten people dead, besides, injuring 56 people including women and children.