Donald Trump a Republican front-runner, is not shying away from being politically incorrect, about almost anything that comes to his mind. In the latest in a series of racist remarks, he has blatantly called out the “Muslim problem” in the world. In what borders on slander, he has verbally attacked the Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner. In his view, Abedin, a Muslim, should be nowhere near government documents.

Trump’s never-ending criticism of the nation’s immigration system—and at times incendiary language about women and racial minorities, though distasteful, has shot him to fame. He wants to deport undocumented immigrants en masse and make Mexicans pay for a wall separating the two countries. Launching his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in New York in June, he accused Mexico of sending “rapists and drug runners” across the United States’ southern border and pledged to build a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. Moreover, he has also made his stance on women very clear- calling them ‘bimbos’. Compared to Trump, Clinton seems like a liberal humanitarian angel.

If the American democratic system can allow individuals like Trump to come to power, it means that politics in the US is no better than ours. The US has keep up its rhetoric of “saving the world” intact, to the extent that Obama was give a Nobel Peace Prize for a zero number of achievements. The world has to stop believing this, and so do Americans. There are no good politicians there - the pickings for presidential candidate are proof.

Lets not forget, that while Trump will probably want to nuke Pakistan, Clinton, where the “do more” mantra originated, is so critical of Pakistan that she will probably end up making the Pakistani people hate her too. If you thought Mitt Romney versus Barak Obama was a bad deal, it just got worse.