“Our inequality materialises our

upper class, vulgarises our middle class, and brutalises our lower class.”

–Matthew Arnold – 1822-1888.

Pakistan has always harboured class inequality with one strata of the society reaping benefits of the others. Nefarious practices like exploitation and extortion have prevailed for very long. Self-interest has blinded the elite of the country who take undue advantage of cheap labour to produce high profits. Unfortunately, the resources they generate come of no avail to the country because they invest it in purchasing properties in foreign economic activity hubs. The former director of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for Pakistan Marc-André Franche criticised the elite of the country for being inconsiderate of national well being and held them responsible for the rising percentages of poverty and inequality. Even in 2016, Pakistan has 38 percent poverty. He also claimed that the current tax regime in Pakistan favours the elite. Corruption is common found in all public institutions. However, Franche simply narrated a story we all know. All of us are aware that Pakistan is not moving rapidly on the road to progression. Complacent government officials may brush off any allegation put on them but the truth remains that the country is suffering at their hands.