A prevailing problem in Karachi is pollution. Being an industrial city, it produces thousands of tonnes of solid waste. Some of Karachi’s fertile land is used to dump waste products. Due to the accumulation of waste, many diseases are spreading in Karachi. People from lower socio-economic class search these heaps of garbage for material that can be recycled. This practice has adverse effects on their health. The streets of the city are very poorly kept. Gutters and water pipelines leak in many areas mixing clean water with polluted water. Water borne diseases are spreading at a rapid pace. The hygienic conditions of the city are poor. Garbage is sold and burnt as a fuel. This produces air pollution. Moreover, it also gives way to many diseases such as lung diseases etc. The environment is put under harm and thus nature suffers greatly. According to a research 80 percent of the garbage can be recycled if the collectors collect it separately as in, put similar materials into the same place. I urge the Government of Sindh to take necessary reforms to improve the state of environmental affairs in Karachi. If prevailing practices continue, life in the city will face even more challenges as it does today. Burning of garbage should be banned. Those who illegally sell garbage should be put to punishment.


Turbat, August 22.