Nowadays increasing suicide rates have been the hottest topic of discussion and scrutiny on media. However, there are other issues in the society which can produce lethal effects as suicide does. Smoking is just as hazardous because it takes the lives of many. 

Today, not only boys but also a massive number of girls have become chain smokers. In universities and workplaces girls are found smoking casually. Smoking is particularly injurious to the health of women. What is the main reason for the increase in individuals who smoke? Why do our young people not realise that smoking is no less than committing suicide? The only difference is that it is a slow from of suicide. I believe that smoking is a serious issue and that it concerns all of us. Passive smokers are a great disadvantage as well. The government and other responsible authorities should look into the matter. Smoking should be banned in public places. 


Karachi, August 21.