The Torkham border is an international border which crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The agencies of Afghan and Pakistan are controlling the Torkham border together. The border is of economic importance to both countries as it is an important shipping and receiving site. In April 2006, the Afghan border police began to require valid travelling documents from those who were crossing the border at Torkham. After this, the Pakistani forces began the construction of a border gate and a crossing terminal at Torkham which was completed by July 2016. The given name of Torkham border gate is Babi-i-Pakistan and the crossing terminal name is “Shaheed Majar Ali Jawad Changezi terminal”. Now no one will be allowed to cross the border without proper documentation. This is a measure to keep a check on the inflow of Afghanis in Pakistan. However, these measures have invited strong opposition from the Afghani forces. The US has been called over to resolve the border dispute between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Government of Afghanistan has put a lot of pressure on Islamabad to resolve these disputes. 

US as always, is supporting the point of view of the Afghan Government. Pakistan will suffer if it does not sustain the prevailing Torkham border arrangements. It needs to protect itself from terrorist who come from the Afghanistan border. Both the neighbours should solve the dispute peacefully and keep in my mind the concerns of the other. 


Turbat, August 22.