We are the witnessed that the health experts ask the people to reduce the use of plastic bags time and again. But we use to ignore such suggestions even the concerns authorities are failed to stop the production of plastic bags by inducing the alternative of plastic bags. However, New Zealand became the latest country to outlaw single-use plastic shopping bags in the country. According a report New Zealand uses hundreds of millions” of single-use plastic bags each year, many of which end up harming the marine life. At least 60 countries had introduced bans and levies on single-use plastic items like bags but still five trillion grocery bags are used globally each year, which is nearly 10 million plastic bags per minute. The uses of single-use plastic bags are harmful for human health also since paper bags, plastic bags do not decompose easily which block drains and cause flooding during the monsoon season. So it is time we took matters into our own hands and rectified the situation. Banning plastic bags be a major leap forward in turning the tide on ocean plastic pollution and an important first step in protecting marine life.


Kech, August 10.