The episode of fiery statements after a major or minor even or happening in Pakistan is not a new thing in the arena of politics, with the least degree of realization of intensity of matter and possibility of chaotic situation that may develop thereafter. The event of General Elections 2018 is over that left behind the perpetual hue and cry of rigged elections. 

After reiteration of statements by The Election Commission of Pakistan that these were free and fair elections, the political shelling and dirt slinging at the ECP must be over. The political ‘intelligentsia’ in the Parliament and out, the public from kitchen to office, all of them are squandering their energies. 

We are undoubtedly in a very ridiculous condition, perhaps terming it the gravest problem that Pakistan is confronted to, and the ‘fatal blunder ‘committed by ECP. 

The runners-up need to realize the established importance and empowered status of the public opinion, the vote. 

The land of the sub-continent is surprisingly very fertile to have ‘high-minded and high-flyer’ rulers. Our history is full of such politically ‘insightful’ leaders. How sadly, the army establishment and the top court are being criticized for the alleged green signal for paving the way for the ex-Prime Minister’s disqualification and pre-planned polls rigging. Empty words deliver nothing. If someone has incontrovertible proofs against the particular institution, ‘the well-informed’ must make it known to the public to settle the national issue. The tragedy with this country is that the trivial is debated in and out of the institutions and the in the public and the issues of paramount importance are ignore. There are grave issues unresolved, yet our ‘evergreen rulers’ miss no opportunity to politicize non political matters and depoliticize political issues. Our worst known and snake in the grass type of enemies always resort to the practice of accusation before the responsible are ascertained. The Pak Armed Forces are poised to eliminate terrorism. There is a dire need to be more vigilant inland and on the borders before and after the new governments at national and provincial levels are formed. 

If our ‘ runners –up national leaders’ have so much leisure time, they must ponder over the undisputable fact that protest is their constitutional right but not by putting country’s stability at stake. If our ‘ runners –up national leaders’ have so much leisure time they must discuss the plan as how to save this country from the next submergence in politically instable quagmire and ‘ocean’ of shortage of water. 


Lahore, August 10.