Giving a glaring glimpse to the world to comprehend how China is excelling meticulously by merging past legacy into future through innovation, Beijing launched the ceremony of the “China Now: Silk Road Rediscovery Tour of Beijing Upon the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) with great pomp and show.  

During 1949 to 2019, Beijing dawned a new era of high quality, innovative, decremented and green development as well as mutual learning among civilization. Completion of Beijing Daxing International Airport meant that Beijing enter “dual hub” era a helps the capital Beijing to connect more closely to the world.  

Xu Hejian, Deputy Director of Publicity department of Beijing Municipal Committee and Director of information office of Beijing Municipality introduced brand-new Beijing terming it most active city for innovation and entrepreneurship, city of decremented development and high-quality development, an open city with world-class business environment for development, a cultural city with equal emphasis on cultural protection and a city of green development.

In my perspective, first of all, it showcases Chinese’s horticulture rise from 1949 to 2019 marking 70th anniversary of founding of People’s Republic of China on 1st October.

At Beijing International Horticulture expo 2019, I got inspired the most with its theme “Live Green and Live Better”. Reasons were that it aimed to sensitize the people to give due regard to nature, become part of nature and pursue better life. It introduced the world China’s ecological civilization construction, China gardening industry and global gardening story.

Expo had impactful effects locally as well internationally. Having supplemented by artistic style of demonstration of flowers, natural landscape and cultural characteristics of countries in magnificent manner, expo flared to freshen up visitors with its aromatic ambience.

Expo enthralled the world when Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 urging upon the world to work together for a green and better future for all. The Beijing expo influence the world as it is participated by 110 countries and international organizations, the largest of its kind in history.

Ongoing expo entails many international pavilions allowing every country to exhibit their best range of plants and flowers. All Pavilions made a big splash in the exhibition by putting on display rich diversity of botanic gardens and species of flowers through jaw-dropping artistic style. Not only a number of Chinese people staying in Beijing but also people of other provinces and international audience poured into pavilions and appreciated its vibrant discretion.

Meanwhile miracle transformation of Yanqing into ecological-centric area once hit by sand storm and deforestation registered another success story. 

Ecological courtyard tells an outstanding journey of Beijing struggle to turn barren land into oasis using technological advancements and modern techniques. Once the area was infertile and had presented a deserted look. Sand had enveloped most of the territory. Irrigation resources were meager. After rigorous efforts, afforestation process kicked off and soon it picked up new heights of eco-friendly vibrancy. Finally using the water of Mother River and collective work of teams of thousands of people, a piece of land has been reclaimed from sand.

Now it is rich in natural resources and the picturesque natural landscape that represents ecological face of Beijing. Now the district boasts outstanding ecological environment and high forestation, and its air quality is the best in the city for many consecutive years.

At the 19th CPC National Congress, joint resolve demands a great struggle, a great project, and a great cause. In terms of the construction of ecological civilization, entering a new era means China is ensuring the harmony between man and nature, in response to major difficulties and challenges in nature.

To realize the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation requires a clear understanding of the “Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the ecological civilization can systemically grasp the basic strategy for building a socialist ecological civilization with Chinese characteristics. An “ecological civilisation” is the term first included in the Communist Party Constitution in 2012 and has since been widely endorsed by President Xi Jinping.

It entails a series of ideas and measures meant to guide China and the world towards a greener future, covering everything from renewable energy to afforestation.  I observe that China has been exploring a new path of high-quality development that prioritizes ecology and highlights green development.

Frankly speaking, after visiting various sites related to 2022 winter Olympic and Paralympic games, I admire strategy of environmental-friendly construction and policy of reuse of things that had gone obsolete and abandoned. Ongoing development works at Shougang No 3 blast furnace observation platform and Beijing Olympic park convey a message to world that Beijing gives priority to ecological preservation, conserving resources and environmental friendliness in a bid to distinguish the Beijing 2022 winter Games with Chinese characteristics.

I expect that Beijing 2022 winter games will carry the spirit of four pillars of concept “green, inclusive, open and clean. It will mobilize public to participate in, contribute to and share the anticipation for the winter games. I hope that 2022 Olympic games will inspire the youth with Olympic spirit, encourage millions to embrace winter sports, promote social progress through winter games and create a harmonious world of better mutual understanding. 

What made my day was the incredible visit of Beijing Bird’s Nest.  Owing to its global impact and sports characteristics, it has become one of most memorable highlight of world.

On July 31, 2015 Beijing together with Zhangijakou won the bid to host the 2022 winter Olympics. There Beijing become the world’s first city to not only have hosted the Summer Olympics but also will host the winter Olympics. Over the glorious history of Olympics, the National Stadium – Bird’s Nest will again receive the wonderful and extraordinary and outstanding opening and closing ceremonies of Beijing Winter Olympics after the unparalleled opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympics games enjoying such a laurel exclusively in the world.

(Author is President of Institute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR). He is ICFJ’s fellow. As senior journalist, he works for China Economic Net, China Today, Global Times and CRIOnline)