When we talk about the education, promptly a question comes in mind. How bad is the education system Pakistan. However, the class system is exploiting every aspect of life. Whether, it is living standard, health facilities, viable education and fundamental rights provided by the government.

Moreover, class system is a curse in our society and it draws a line of detachment between rich and poor. Everything is ready-made for rich ones while poor ones are deprived of their basic facilities such as health, education and justice. No doubt, it is a brutality of class system that has encouraged the private schools. However, impecunious and impoverished people cannot afford such expensive fees structures.

According to the media reports, 72 years ago Pakistan got freedom but still remains behind in actual development. Meanwhile, the latest Pakistan Labour Force Survey 2009 to 10 concluded that the overall literacy rate is unsatisfactory to meet the challenges of modern times. Moreover, according to that survey the literacy rate is 57.7 percent. Pakistan is the second one country of the world, in which highest number of children do not go to children. More than 2.5 crore children are out of schools.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is the country enlisted in list of worst countries for education and skills development. The saga is very sad here in Sindh particularly in rural areas. The number of schools are closed, teachers are not trained, and their teaching don’t meet the criteria what is needed. Hence, the children are deprived of education.

The very sad saga higher education faces, the federal had approved only Rs59 billion for the commission against the demand of Rs103.5 billion. Just think of the middle and lower class students. How will they get admission in universities if budget cuts are on peak? How will be new requirement of the faculty staff (Teaching and Non-Teaching)? I fail to understand the logic of budget cuts in education sector.

In modern times, various countries of the world are paying high attention to the education and release massive budget. Because it is proved throughout the history that development is only possible when you are educated. Better citizens come through education, and their role is of significance also. Education ensures a productive future. News vistas, awareness and confidence to do experiences are all about the education.

Murtaza (a writer) said that “education is a key indicator of progress and prosperity. Only education heals poor from poverty and hunger, makes masses and society ethically and morally enriched. In the whole history, education has been considered an instrumental for long-run development. Unfortunately, our very basic right to education is in a pathetic state of affairs. Instead of going upward we are descending in the graph of education.”

In the history of civilization education has played a vital role. All the process regarding being civilized is the education. They formulated the language, wrote manuscripts and by keeping that record they educated their new generations through verbal and non-verbal communication. Hence we say that human beings’ existence is only because of education. Education is the process which is not restricted only to text-books, it is the learning process throughout whole life. We experience happening and events in our daily life, these all educate us. It is well-known fact that education is the only weapon to triumph the world. An educated one has the ability the change the world.

As it is proved throughout the history that if there is no education there is no civilization. As Nelson Mandela said “education is the most powerful weapon which can you use to change the world”.

 World is paying high attention on education, many developed countries are developed in science and technology. But here in Pakistan education became a corporate business. And children work in agriculture and in the worst forms of bonded labour. Article 11 of the Constitution ensures that “no child below the age of 14 years shall be engaged in any factory or mine or any other hazardous employment”.

School in rural areas of Sindh are closed since decades. Influential people use school buildings for their cattle. Besides that, if schools are opened there is no quality education, teachers are untrained and they are not able educate properly. But why elites concern on the lower class, elite’s children are getting education in foreign countries.

Another side of coin is that private school education as a business is on the peak. People do not afford the fees of private schools. Article 25-A emphasises governments to provide free education to all children between the ages of five and 16. But the misery is that here the Constitution is good for giving example, bad for implementation.

It is dire need of classless system, which provides equal opportunities to all. How can it be possible to build that system? It depends on the progressive politics struggling for it.