I am a senior citizen. Today I went to the State Bank Islamabad branch to purchase a prize bond. The concerned counter was empty. However, the clerk told me to get a ticket from the machine. This was new to me. Anyway, I told the clerk that I am a senior citizen and in any case, I am to get priority as per the posted rules. However, he insisted that I get a ticket from the machine. There was a long line at the machine and the line wasn’t moving as many people did not know how to get a ticket from the machine. There was no one from the State Bank staff to provide assistance until the line really grew very long. Anyway, after much hassle, I got my ticket. My ticket number was ten turns away, however, when I requested the clerk to give me a priority as per rules, he agreed. So then the question arises if senior citizens are to be given priority at the State Bank counters, then why are they forced to stand in a long line for the ticket?