SWAT     -   Yet another Pashto singer and dance was killed allegedly by her brother in Swat. The singer, Sana, was stabbed to death in Banr area, a famous centre for Pashto musicians in Swat district. Police said that so far the motive behind the brutal murder couldn’t be ascertained as they are still conducting the investigation into the case. Police added that the accused is the real brother of the victim, who escaped after committing the crime. The dead body of the artist was shifted to Saidu Sharif Hospital for post mortem. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has never been a safe place for Pashto artists as a number of women singers have been killed by their relatives. On May 7, 2019, local singer Meena was killed in Swat. According to police, Meena, was killed by her husband in Banr area of Swat. In recent years, Pashto music has lost famous singer Ghazala Javed at the hands of her husband. Ayman Udas, another artiste, was allegedly killed by her brothers over claims of dishonouring the family. Singer Rabia Tabasum was poisoned. 18-year-old Pashto singer Karishma Shahzadi was allegedly killed after being injected with a spurious injection in Charsadda. Another 18-year-old actor Bushra suffered burns on her face when acid was flung on her in Nowshera. In February this year, stage actor Sumbal had been shot in the Shaikh Maltoon area of Mardan. In June, Pashto artiste Gulnaz, alias Muskan, was shot in Peshawar’s Bhana Mari area. In August 2018, another Pashto singer Risham Khan was brutally murdered by her husband in Nowshera district.