Peshawar          - Ashura-e-Muharram passed peacefully across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province amid stict security by the law-enforcement agencies.

Cellular phone services remained off while trade centres remained shut as usual on the 9th and 10th Muharram-ul-Haram. Strict security measures were taken at around 62 imambargahs in Peshawar.

In the provincial capital, major procession of 10th Muharram was taken out from Hussainia Hall Imambargah in Saddar and after passing through different routes, it again reached the venue.

Also, several processions were also taken out from imambargahs in the city, and were provided tight security while various routes were monitored through drone and CCTV cameras.

According to Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Mohammad Ali Gandapur, 43 gun-points had been set up in Peshawar and extra personnel deployed at 64 entry points to the provincial metropolis.

The participants of the processions were body-searched and made to traverse walk-through gates. The mourning processions went through the traditional route where Sabeels (water and sharbat distribution points) were set up.

The Rescue 1122 teams were also present on the routes of the processions to provide emergency treatment to the mourners.

CCPO Mohammad Ali Gandapur, Commissioner Peshawar Amjad Ali Khan along with their subordinates visited various parts of the provincial capital to inspect the security arrangements for Muharram. Besides FC and army personnel on stand-by, around 8,000 policemen had been deployed in Peshawar for security.

The law enforcers arrested several persons with ammunitions during operations as part of Muharram security plan. 

Three alleged terrorists, said to be linked to Daesh, were arrested from Matani area of Peshawar on the 8th of Muharram. Similarly, several alleged terrorists were held in Charsadda and other districts ahead of Yaum-e-Ashur during search operations.

Meanwhile, KP police chief Sanaullah Abbasi while speaking to media on the 10th Muharram appreciated the efforts of police, other security forces and other walks of life for cooperation in peaceful observance of the Ashura.