ISLAMABAD  - The National Electric Power Regulatory Au­thority (NEPRA) has imposed a fine of Rs 200 million on K-Elec­tric for carrying-out ex­cessive load-shedding in Karachi during the months of June and July, 2020. 

K-Electric violated NEPRA Act, terms and conditions of its license(s) and direc­tions given by the Au­thority in its multi-year tariff, said a spokesman for the authority here Monday. 

NEPRA had conduct­ed a public hearing in the matter of excessive load shedding by K-Electric in the month of June and July. Moreover, NEPRA had dispatched a four member com­mittee of the NEPRA professionaIs/experts headed by Director General (Monitoring & Enforcement) to visit Karachi and conduct further investigations on ground and submit a detailed report to the Authority. On the basis of the committee findings the Authority had issued show cause notice to the KE. There were around dozen violation by KE, said a source in NEPRA. However, in the regu­latory hearing an op­portunity was provided to the KE to clarify the company’s position. During the regulatory hearing, held last week, KE was able to satisfy the regulator regard­ing only two violations, said the source. After the finding of the com­mittee, public hearing, regulatory hearing and evidences NEPRA has decided to impose fine on the KE.