Harichand Rai is known as the father of modern Karachi.

Electricity was introduced in Karachi in 1913 by one of its earliest mayors, Harichand Rai. He was a Hindu Sindhi and is known, in history, as the father of modern Karachi. Harchandrai was elected the mayor of Karachi in 1911. Under his mayorship, there were several civic improvements to the city, including the installation of gas lamps and the construction of footpaths. He brought electricity to the town in 1913, and that is why Karachi was known as the ‘city of lights’. With the installation of the first power plant, Karachi became known as a modern city.

Harchandrai Vishandas died on 16 February 1928 in Delhi. A statue of Harchandrai was unveiled in front of the Karachi Municipal Corporation Building on his sixth death anniversary. After the partition of India, it was removed. The beheaded statue is now located at Mohatta Palace, Karachi.