Undoubtedly, procrastination is a virtue of failure. One who delays his responsibilities for no rhyme and reason, bits the dust in every walk of life. An individual who puts off his activities is akin to an ostrich who thinks that by putting head in the sand everything will be alright.

But the problems are never solved; they keep looming. We should bear in our minds that time once gone, never returns. Unfortunately, we are among those nations who consider procrastination an amusement. But the progressive and staunch nations do not make such blunders.

They utilize their every moment in amassing their objectives, because they are very well acquainted with the importance of time. The glaring example for us is China. It got independence in 1949 and within 72 years, it made wonders of the world. Their “One Belt One Road”(OBOR) project is no less than a wonder. According to a scientific study, one who puts off his flurries suffers psychological disorder of escapism. He keeps oscillating between the execution of his plans and his faux thoughts and he never accumulates his goals in life.

So, if Pakistan is to thrive, it has to abandon its lax behaviour and start executing its plans timely.