PESHAWAR        -         Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar (WSSP) has successfully concluded 10-day Moharram-ul-Haram cleanliness operation. 

The company provided water and sanitation services to 93 Imambargahs throughout the city and other places of Shia Majalis were cleaned and fumigated. 

WSSP also cleaned and washed all procession routes and Imambargahs, whereas waste containers on routes were also cleaned and emptied on time. 

The company deployed 375 sanitary workers who performed duties in three shifts. They washed a total of nine kilometers route daily while sprinkled water on eight kilometers route. The company also installed 400 iron gratings. 

Besides, the company deputed a focal person at Command and Control Post to monitor cleanliness throughout the assigned localities and resolve complaints regarding water and sanitation. 

During the special operation, WSSP addressed 89 tube-wells and 52 water supply related complaints while 115 complaints regarding sanitation. 

Chief Executive Officer WSSP Zafar Ali Shah lauded the cleanliness operation and said such efforts would build community’s trust over company’s services.