WASHINGTON - US officials say theyre satisfied with results of contracts to safeguard the transport of goods in Afghanistan, but they dont know where the money goes.Some senior officials in President Barack Obamas administration said they thought some of the contract money goes to insurgents and local warlords to ensure safe passage through hot spots, The Washington Post reported. If you go to the US Embassy, to USAID (US Agency for International Development) to the Army Corps (of Engineers) and ask if they can assure that their money is not going to the Taliban, theyd be hard-pressed to say, said John Brummet, audit chief for the congressionally mandated special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction. Obama made an unannounced trip to the country during the weekend to urge Afghan President Hamid Karzai to do more to clean up corruption. Congress also has warned frequently that US aid depends on progress in reducing corruption. The big question is whether youd rather pay $1,000" for Afghans to safely deliver goods-even if some of the money goes to Taliban militants-or pay 10 times that amount for legitimate security, a US executive whose company does considerable work in Afghanistan told the Post. Brummet said primary contractors say that subs (subcontractors) take care of their security, but US officials do not have visibility on who is providing it. Another official who works with Brummet said there is no database in the US government providing reliable subcontractor information.