Kanu Sanyal, one of the more prominent Maoist leaders of India died in West Bengal a couple of days back. According to reports he was found dead in his house where he apparently committed suicide by hanging himself. The communist leader was in his 80s and suffering from many ailments. No exact cause of his death has yet been established by the Indian government. Deaths of Maoist leaders are not a matter of surprise in India as many are often killed by police illegitimately. Two prominent communist figures, Sakhamuri Appa Rao and Kondal Reddy, were killed in March this year by Indian police in Andhrapradesh. In their case, though, the cause and modus operandi seemed clear whereas the cause of death, or murder, of Kanu Sanyal is still a mystery. Though he had developed differences with his fellow colleagues sometime back, he was apparently living a peaceful normal life of a retiree at present. Absence of any plausible reason for his death has caused speculations of varied nature. Some say he was deeply distressed by the failure of Maoist movement, enough to actually kill himself. Others are playing this up as a murder by government to demoralise the Maoists. Either way, the failure of New Delhi in tackling the Maoists insurgency is rather apparent. The eastern part of India has been its Achilles heel for quite some time. The Nexalite uprising, that started around 40 years back is a full-fledged inflammation in the northeast now and is hobbling the so called biggest democracy in the world. The deep, all-pervasive sense of social injustice present all over India has taken the form of secessionist movements being led by liberation organizations here. These groups ultimately transform into radical outfits due to provocative and confrontational attitude of the central government. The Maoists of India are a spectacular example of it. -FAROOQ ADIL, Islamabad, March 31.