The state-run Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) has issued a tender to import 200,000 tonnes of white sugar from worldwide sources. Pakistan is buying sugar from the international market after a forecast the country would produce about 3 million tonnes of white sugar from the 2009/10 crop against annual demand of 4.2 million tonnes. "Interested TCP pre-qualified foreign sugar suppliers/exporters who can supply sugar from worldwide sources may submit their bids ... by May 8," the agency said in a document issued to the media. The bids would be opened the same day, it said. The TCP bought a total of 250,000 tonnes of white sugar in March and another 50,000 tonnes in February in separate tenders. Another tender to import 200,000 tonnes of white sugar will be opened on April 17. Aside from buying through international tenders, the government has also offered private traders tax breaks if they imported 750,000 tonnes of white sugar before June 1. But Pakistani sugar millers are opposing sugar imports by private traders, fearing that plunging global prices could lead to a flood of cheap imported sugar.They have asked the government to impose a 35 percent duty on the import of sugar by private traders to guard against "dumping".