India is demanding interrogation of David Headley just to cover up its own intelligence failure. A former Maharashtra Inspector General of Police, S. M. Mushrif, has analysed the Mumbai attacks in his book Who killed Karkare, The Real Face of Terrorism in India. He says (page 182) that all the reports available to him suggest that Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) was aware of the attack at least five days in advance. They knew the entire operation and the route these terrorists were to take. Strangely, though, they did not pass on this information to the Mumbai police. Indian government should accept the fiasco made by Indian intelligence agencies. May I quote Indias Union Home Minister P. Chidambarams statement of February 4, 2010, according to which Mumbai attackers handler may be an Indian, Syed Zabiuddin Ansari. Who is responsible for Mumbai massacre? The Indian state itself, RAW, IB of India, some leftist loony or this Headley fellow? Who should we trust? -HAMID WAHEED, Rawalpindi, March 31.