Raza Rabbanis Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms (PCCR) toiled for nine months and held 75 meetings, some lasting for ten hours at a stretch, to formulate the 95 changes to be made in 18th amendment to 1973 constitution. When it was all done, Nawaz Sharif dropped the bombshell at the last moment. Well, who is he to do such a thing. I mean speaking purely from the legal and constitutional point of view, he neither holds an office in government nor in PML-N. So in what capacity did he do that spanner-in-the-works press conference that torpedoed the whole affair? And the greatest irony of all is that he calls this being a part of the democratic process. What kind of democracy is this where a person who is not even an officeholder of a political party can literally lord over everyone in the party, including even members of the PCCR? Can such a practice be called 'democratic by any stretch of imagination? Agreed he is 'Quaid of the party, whatever that is supposed to mean, but does that give him the powers to veto all members of the PCCR, effectively the whole party, that had agreed to the draft bill? Mahatma Gandhi held the same status, perhaps a tad more than that, in All India Congress but did he ever take any decision over-ruling all his party officials? He only chose to advise the party and it may surprise many to know that his advice was not always adhered to. He had to resort to Marrun Barrut (a hunger strike unto death) when his advice on transfer of funds from Reserve Bank of India to the newly-created Pakistan as its due share was not heeded by the Nehru government. But, here a 'non-official of a party called PML-N is calling the shots, all by himself. Or does he hold some secret office in party that we do not know of and which he cannot disclose for the fear of ten-year ban on him to abstain from politics? -Col. RIAZ JAFRI (RETD), Rawalpindi, March 31.