ISLAMABAD - The Flood Commission constituted by the Supreme Court in Marvi Memon vs the Federation of Pakistan case visited Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to conduct field visit of the flood-affected areas. The officials of Provincial Disaster Management Authority and Irrigation Department briefed the members in details. The commission was informed that due to unprecedented floods all the arrangements made by the authorities failed to cope with the disaster. The commission visited the flood-affected areas in Peshawar and Charsadda and met the calamity-stricken people. They said it was time that appropriate measures should be taken to minimize the future damages, caused by flooding. They requested that financial assistance should be provided so that they could rebuild their house and restart normal life. The commission visited the Munda Headworks, which was completely washed away during the floods. Although the government is repairing and rebuilding headworks, the local people desired that the long awaited Munda Dam should be given propriety. They informed the commission that had the Munda Dam been constructed such a huge damage could have not been caused to the headworks during the floods. The commission visited the other areas in Charsadda and observed that the devastation caused to the canal irrigation system. The commission was informed that due to encroachment the traditional water sources have been restricted which caused major flooding in the recent floods. The residents of Mamum Khattakay Village complained so far they have not been provided a single Watan Card. The victims of other flood-hit areas also make a litany of complaints to the commission about malpractices in the distribution of Watan Cards. They also informed the commission that major damage to their areas in Pabbi and Nowshera was caused by flooding due to choking of traditional drainage and natural water ways. Flood-affected people of Pabbi Town thanked the Supreme Court for constituting the special commission to listen their grievances. The commission members informed the survivors that they will complete their report as desired by the Supreme Court within stipulated time and every possible measures will be taken to provide them justice.