TODDLERS are known to be adventurous but this child has taken it literally to new heights. The 22-month old girl has been filmed by her parents scaling a climbing wall - with remarkable ease.

She is seen on camera - in just a nappy - carefully pulling herself up the wall and even managing to discard toys placed in her way for added excitement.

The clever toddler, believed to be from Bend, Oregon, U.S., clearly thinks through each move pausing momentarily to work out which grip to grab and where to place her tiny feet. It takes a brave parent to watch their youngster execute such an extraordinary manoeuvre.

Although she is just a few feet off the ground the child would no doubt hurt herself if she made a wrong move - especially as she doesn’t have a rope, harness or helmet. But falling doesn’t seem to be an option as she appears to be in total control.               –MO