KARACHI - Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Managing Director Misbahuddin Fareed on Sunday criticised the KESC’s uncooperative attitude with the KW&SB to provide water supply to Karachiites.

In an open letter written by the KW&SB MD to the business community and industrialists of Karachi, he requested them to play their role to support the KW&SB to provide uninterrupted water supply to Karachiites.

He informed that KW&SB is a non-profitable organisation saying that KW&SB is providing water to Karachiites on cheaper rates being a stakeholder of the City. Fareed complained about the uncooperative attitude of the KESC administration towards the KW&SB. The KESC has been charged the industrial commercial rates from KW&SB despite the fact that KW&SB supplies water on non-commercial basis. He informed that the KW&SB has received the water from River Indus and River Hub through four-stage pumping station, saying that this water supply is not possible without electricity. “But the KESC is continuously suspending electric supply of Dhabeji pumping station which is a major source of water supply to Karachi.” The KW&SB has failed to supply 1.3 billion gallon water from Dhabeji pumping station because of KESC uncooperative attitude. 

Misbahuddin in his letter further requested the business community to convince the Nepra to provide electricity to KW&SB on non-commercial rates instead of commercial rates because the KW&SB is a non-commercial organisation of the metropolis. He further urged the business community to argue the Federal Board of Revenue that removes the GST and other taxes from the billing of KWSB because it is not a commercial organisation.