ISLAMABAD  - Citizens of the twin cities have condemned the regular increase in the prices of petroleum products, electricity, LPG and CNG prices and rejected the increase saying that price hike has made their lives miserable.

According to a survey conducted by the agency, citizens of the twin cities threatened to get to streets if the government did not reverse the recent increase in the prices of petroleum products which hit hard the middle class and poor masses.

The citizens talking to the agency said that hike in prices of commodities has become a matter of routine in the country but those who are sitting in the corridors of power are indifferent towards the problems faced by poor masses. The said the rulers are only interested in looting the money from national exchequer.

Syed bilal Sani, a citizen of federal capital, said that it has become almost impossible for the poor masses to provide two times meal to their families while the government constantly increases prices of everything particularly of petroleum products, electricity, LPG and CNG.

Shabir Hussain and many other said that the government has completely failed to follow its motto of providing roti, kapra, makan to the masses rather the current PPP-led government was bent upon snatching morsels from the mouths of the poor people. Moreover, the inflation has witnessed record increase in the prices of everything in PPP-led government.

“Gas and power load shedding has already created trouble for the people and the recent surge in petroleum and CNG prices would further worsen the situation as the people are already facing difficulty to manage their shaky budget in this era of skyrocketing prices,” said Muhammad Hanif, a resident of Saddar. The citizens said that government employees were already getting low salaries and the recent hike in prices would multiply their miseries, adding that they had no option to take to the streets.

People from all walks of life have deplored the recent increase in prices petroleum products and threatened to take to streets if the government did not reverse the decision as the price hike has marked the highest level and it would become hard for people to make both ends meet.