Construction of infrastructure and buildings is taking place at a feverish pace in all major cities of Pakistan. While this development is encouraging for the economy, it must be noted that most companies involved in the construction do not care for the damage inflicted on the environment and the effects of that damage on residents. One visible problem is air pollution: construction activity kicks up tons of dust into the air which then either remains suspended in the air, resulting in haze, or settles around the area.

This can cause many respiratory problems, and the issue can be avoided if some care is taken by the contractors. Secondly, contractors tend to dump waste matter from their activities in any vacant area they find nearby, not caring about the impact of that waste on the area. However, apart from these environmental concerns, there is also the issue of workers’ safety. Most contractors do not obey labour laws of Pakistan and make their workers perform extremely dangerous tasks and do not even provide them with adequate safety equipment and medical insurance. This must change. We need development, but not at the cost of the environment and humanity.


Karachi, April 1.