LAHORE - Actress Veena Malik, controversy’s favourite child, says that she will launch her first music video album here in Pakistan very soon.

During an exclusive telephonic interview from Mumbai with TheNation, actress-cum-model said that five tracks of her upcoming music album were ready and now she was planning on shooting them. She said, “I always wanted to sing but some friends suggested that I act instead, as they thought my face was fit for camera. I think I am wasting my talent, so I plan to sing and launch my album. The album will be a mix of Urdu and English songs.”

Veena said that she wanted to return to Pakistan in order to help the youth adding “I really want to do something for the youngsters. Pakistan is my first and last destination as it has not only given me recognition but I have also earned a lot of love”.

Telling about her future plans actress-cum-model said “Very soon, my fans will be reading me, as I am going to write for a big media group. I am worried about the youngsters of the country, I think; they don’t have proper career counselling at any level.”

“No one is guiding our youth on psychological issues. There is a lack of writers who can guide youth. I want them to be able to recognize their dream and then follow them. I would like to help them reach high goals”, said the Lollywood diva.

Answering a question, whether she has any plans to settle in India or elsewhere, Veena said she had not applied for any nationality, saying, “Wherever I will be I will always be a Pakistani. It is very difficult to live far from home and your own people but I am here to make my dreams a reality. I want to earn a good name for Pakistan. Although, I have security concerns in Pakistan but I must come back and nothing can deter me from doing so.”

Veena said she was doing four films in India including ‘Daal Mein Kuch Kala Hai’, ‘Zindagi Fifty Fifty’, ‘Bombay 125 Km’ and ‘Super Model’. She said in all four films she had the leading roles. To a question, where she placed herself in Bollywood, she said she was a newcomer to the Indian film industry and is hopping that she would be a leading actress very soon. Veena, to a query regarding her marriage, said she was always open about her relations. “I get a lot of proposals for marriage but I have not decided as yet. However, I have short listed 16 men. After consulting with my family and friends I will decide whom I will marry.” Veena hoped that people would stand up against social evils like corruption, bribery and extremism. She also advised the youth to love and honour their artists so they could feel proud to be a Pakistani.