MULTAN - Sindh Tas Water Council Chairman Zahoorul Hassan Dahir warned that Punjab and Sindh provinces will be faced with at least 21 percent shortage of water till June 10, paving the way for a horrible food crisis in the country.

Addressing a news conference h, he said that the country was confronted with the worst ever water crisis of its history because of Indian water aggression but no action was being taken at the government level.

“Although the whole situation is stated in recent meeting of IRSA technical committee, the government keeps mum. It’s condemnable and tantamount to committing treason with the country and nation,” he added.

 He pointed out that water crisis started in 1996 when the country faced two percent shortage but now it soared to 50 to 60 per cent. He said that India erected illegal dams on western rivers of the country and a horrible food crisis would hit the country in coming days if India was not stopped to illegally block Pakistani rivers.

He revealed that the irrigation officials raised hues and cries in 1998 regarding sudden shortage of water in canals but the then government silenced their voice.

“They were asked to keep silent as it is a very sensitive issue,” he lamented. He warned that India was all set to block Indus river but no one took up this issue with her. He said that India would never stop construction of any illegal dam as Pak-India Sindh Tass Commissions had held 136 futile meetings.

“If we want to save our country we’ll have to raise this issue at UNO and International Court of Justice. Any delay is equal to committing suicide,” he warned. He said that the corrupt establishment had sold out entire country at the hands of India and the time was very near when entire country would be plunged in darkness, famine and drought.

He urged upon Pakistan Army and judiciary to take up this serious issue and adopt immediate measures to prevent country from destruction.