PESHAWAR – The widow of a notable music composer and Sufi singer late Rafiq Shinwari has appealed to the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Barrister Masood Kausar and KP Culture Directorate to extend financial assistance to her for medical treatment. 

Talking to media persons at her rented residence Shah Qabool colony here Sunday, she complained that she had been suffering from multiple health complications for the last several years and spent every penny including household things curing her ailment but no avail. 

“I am forced now to sell out awards and shields my husband had received in his life time. Nobody from KP Culture Directorate or Pashto film industry has enquired about my health. Being old, I have no option but to sell out Rafiq Shinwari’s awards to cure my severe mouth soar as I am living at a rented house and have no male heir, soon after my husband’s death, my two sons and grandson also died their tragic deaths.

Now I turn to President of Pakistan and Governor KP for financial help,” she appealed. 

She said that she has not received stipend of her husband for the last more than three years from the provincial department.

The artistes and singers it seems have no regard and place in our society, philistinism has scaled its peak, today artistes and their families are living in penury, their contributions have been buried under deep earth. 

Flanked by her ailing mother elder daughter of Rafiq Shinwari with her tearful eyes said, “When sometimes I listen to my celebrated father’s Sufi songs I lament authorities in power for their unscrupulous attitude towards artistes of high repute. I sold out my gold rings, now compelled to auction my father’s awards and shields to get my mother treated, is there not a single conscientious person or even pure Pashto music lover in the whole world to get my mother out of this difficult situation,” she cried.

Muhammad Rafiq Shinwari was a popular music composer and Sufi singer who contributed memorable compositions to 200 top Pashto movies of its golden era including Orbal, Khana Badosh, Dara Khyber, Alaqa Ghair, Topak Zama Qanoon, Ajab Khan Afridi, Iqrar, Deedan, Ehsaan, Da Pukhtun Tura, Jurrum auo Saza , Dehqaan, Kochwaan and  Naway Da Yawey shpay.

 He gave a new direction to Pashto music by rendering classical ghazal singing into folk tunes.  The recipient of President’s Pride of Performance and other many local awards late Rafiq Shinwari groomed up noted folk singers like Khayal Mohammad, Gulnar Begum, Hidayatullah, Kishwar Sultan, Mashooq Sultan, Shah Wali, Mahjabeen Qizalbash and Gulzar Alam.  He passed away in January 1991.