KHANEWAL -  The district coordination officer of Khanewal has said increase in literacy rate is need of the hour.

He was addressing an annual result announcing and prize distribution ceremony of a college and scholl.

Nadeem Mehboob said that this old saying of ‘invest in rubies so that you earn profit in diamonds ‘might be one very correct formula for us to think about investing in education so that we see a substantial future.

The DCO said that the government has planed education for all, and government is taking revolutionary steps to promote free education throughout the province.

In this regards, he added, the government is providing free books to the students, also giving scholarships and laptops.

“Our country witnessed low literacy rate, lower education standards and lower growth during the last 65 years.

The society as a whole is suffering due to lack of education. Narrow mindedness and intolerance prevails on a large scale.

Our society has deteriorated its values, norms and culture just due to lack of awareness on many issues,” he said.