BAJAUR AGENCY – Jamaat-e-Islami General Secretary Liaqat Baloch has said that the government has proved US policies have badly damaged the country sovereignty and warned a civil war could be erupted in the country if the government restored the Nato supply line.

Addressing a big pubic gathering here in Khar, he said that the government has decided to restore the Nato supply line, “but we would never allow the government to do this because the restoration of goods to Nato forces in Afghanistan through Pakistani route is totally against the national interests and this would be more damaging to the country sovereignty.”

The JI leader said the government is not authorised to restore the Nato supply routes. “The government should care for the feelings of people and respect the resolution of the parliament because the Nato supply routes were closed by the parliament resolution.

The JI general secretary claimed that the US and its allies were always busy carrying out anti-Pakistan activities and “the US conditional aid has badly defaulted the country economy. Pakistan has lost $ 70 billion in the war against terrorism but on the other side the US has provided only $ 20 billon to Pakistan in the name of aid.”

He said, “this time, the government should review its foreign policy, as the current foreign policy is not favorable for the national interests.” Opposing the military operation in the tribal areas, the JI leader said that, “the tribal people are the most patriotic and peaceful citizens of the country and their scarifies for the cause of country security were unforgettable, but unfortunately the government has declared these people terrorists and this was the big mistake of the government.” He added.

He said that military operation is not the salutation of the conflict. He said that the military operation had created law and order situation in the whole tribal areas “using of force is not the salutation of issues government should resoled the conflict through dialogue and if the US and his allies can doing negotiations with Taliban in Afghanistan why Pakistani government does not dialogue with Pakistani Taliban.”

Criticising the Fata reforms, the JI leader said that these reforms are absolutely insufficient and they could not meet the wishes of the tribal people. “FCR should be fully abolished and Islamic system should be implemented in the tribal areas according to the wishes of the people because majority of tribal people want Islamic law in Fata,” the JI leader said.

Sirajul Haq said Awami National Party provincial government was responsible for the poor law and order situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata and “ the ANP government did nothing for the welfare of people of KP. It only changed name of the province, which is not a big achievement.”