PESHAWAR – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Governor, Barrister Masood Kausar has said that polio is a stigma for the nation and though they have been achieving well acknowledged successes in getting rid of it, yet there is a need that the civil society should contribute significantly to protecting masses against it. 

“I talk on this issue on frequent basis to promote realisation and we need to put extra efforts in place to educate our people about the bad effects of this disease,” he said while addressing the annual conference of Rotary Clubs of Pakistan at Islamabad, where he participated as the chief guest.

The governor said, “though we fully appreciate the services of Rotarians in this struggle yet it is unfortunate that we were numbered among a couple of countries, where existence of this curse has been reported till present and to ensure foolproof protection of the coming generations, the rotary clubs should also contribute more significantly.”

The need of polio vaccination, he said, is the case of timely importance and by just administering few doses of vaccine; one can protect the respective child for the entire life. The conference vastly attended by Rotarians not only from within the country but abroad too especially, Bangladesh was also addressed by Abdul Rauf Rohaila Advocate, Owais Qureshi, Jamal Shah and Hadyatullah who also advocated importance of clean water for ensuring better health care services and highlighted the achievements of the organization in this respect.

Barrister Masood Kausar highly eulogised the volunteer services of Rotary Club of Pakistan and said promotion of realisation towards better and organised utilisation of available resources is itself another big challenge and keeping in view the ground realities in the country, we need to give extra focus on this aspect as well. Responding to various points raised by the earlier speakers, the Governor said, prevailing state with regard to energy and water utilization indeed does not afford lavish utilisation of civic facilities which also demands extra efforts to educate people; promote sense of realization and anticipate available resources for the coming generations to the maximum extent.

The Governor also referred to the importance of clean drinking water in ensuring better health care of the people and said that it is a challenge of multifarious nature.  Like elsewhere in the country, he added, on the one hand people of certain parts of province especially the southern districts are not only faced with water scarcity but also from quality point of view while on the other, the rest of the province is suffered with the problem of contaminated water

The governor also stressed the importance of the role of civic society towards image building of the country and said that ensuring provision of better civic amenities and respectable socio-economic condition of the people is also an effective mean to make this possible.

Pointing towards the vast presence of volunteers and philanthropists from across the country in the conference, the Governor reminded them, “wherever you go in the country and where you work, you should educate the people towards their civic and national responsibilities and make them realize that the coming generations also do have rights in the means and resources, which are available to us as present generation”.

This realization, he remarked, also carries a great knowledge, which is also stressed by Islam to be disseminated.

Owais Qureshi, a Rotarian from Jhang said that they have successfully installed almost 15 water purification plants in the district and each one of them offers clean drinking water to a population of five thousand and more are in the offing.