LAHORE – Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Munawar Hasan has said that the US slaves ruling the country were pushing the nation towards mass suicide.

Inaugurating the JI membership drive at Masjid-e-Huda, Model Town, on Sunday, he said that the rulers were raising the POL prices and electricity and gas tariff every fortnight, the latest raise was cruel and proved that the rulers were simply advancing the IMF agenda.

Munawar Hasan said President Zardari had deposited billions of dollars in the Swiss banks and it was ill gotten money made through corruption. On the other hand, the majority of the people were unable to make both ends meet. The rulers obtained heavy loans from the IMF and the World Bank and transferred the amounts to their foreign accounts because of which the problems of the people remained unattended, he alleged. The common man was deprived of even the basic facilities of health and education and the percentage living below poverty line was increasing. He said that the people accusing the rulers of US slavery on roads were siding with the government in the parliament. He warned that restoring the NATO supplies would be suicidal and would tantamount to endorsing the bond of slavery and declared that the nation would never accept. He said that the agenda of Difa-e-Pakistan Council and the JI was the end of the US interference in the area. Both had made it clear to the government that if the parliament recommended restoration of NATO supplies, each and every route would be blocked.

He said those making the NATO supplies conditional with the end of drone attacks were fools and wanted to push the nation towards US slavery.

Referring to the Karachi situation, the JI ameer alleged that thousands of MQM’s men involved in heinous crimes had been cleared under the notorious NRO and they were behind the targeted killings and abductions for ransom.

He said if the people wanted to be safe from targeted killings, they should change their attitude and vote for the honest leadership next time.