SADIQABAD - The PML-N will complete its agenda of prosperous Pakistan, pledged party chief Nawaz Sharif in Rahimabad here.

He was addressing the PML-N district and tehsil office-bearers, workers and local dignitaries at the Laghari House, Rahimabad in Sadiqabad.

Mr Nawaz added that only his party could bring about real change in the country.  Criticising the PTI, he said that those chanting slogan of tsunami were hoodwinking the nation, adding that the public is now well aware of the situation. 

He expressed the hope that in the forthcoming general elections, the people would cast their votes after full consideration to those who have a passion to serve them.

The PML-N Chief termed Sardar Azhar Khan Laghari pride of his party, pledging that his services and sacrifices to strengthen the party could not be forgotten.

He said that loyal activists and officeholders will be given their due status at all costs.

“Pakistan is in severe crisis. Incapable rulers have brought Pakistan to the brink of destruction. There was a dearth of electricity and gas in the country.

Dearness has made the life of the people miserable. However, the rulers are busy in negotiation with the allied parties to strengthen their rule,” he said. “The PML-N is determined to make Pakistan a developed, prosperous and strengthened country.”

Led by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, he said, the provincial government is utilising all resources to bring the backward areas at par with the posh areas of the province. “I will ask the Punjab government to solve the problems highlighted by Sardar Azhar Laghari on priority basis,” he said.

He observed that the people would conduct accountability of the incumbent PPP rulers and their allies with vote, holding the allies responsible for the national crises.

The people got nothing in the last 64 years except backwardness and deprivation, he said and claimed that his four-year government had put the country on the path of prosperity. But, he added, the dictators toppled his government and put the country in darkness anew.

 Earlier, Mr Laghari praised his party leadership, saying that the Sharif brothers rendered unprecedented sacrifices for elimination of dictatorship from the country and these sacrifices could not be forgotten.

He also informed the PML-N chief about the local problems. He said the district is faced with shortage of canal water adding that the farmers were not being appropriate payment despite high prices of agricultural inputs. Therefore, the farmers are facing financial problems, he said.

He demanded that the district problems should be solved on priority basis and a special package be approved for them. On the occasion, Senator Zulfikar Khosa, PML-N Punjab Senior Vice President Chaudhry Jafar Iqbal Gujjar, Mian Imtiaz, Mhemoodul Hassan, Mian Basheer, Chaudhry Shafiq, Asif Majeed, Muzaffar Saleem, Masood Ashraf, Asad Nawaz, Chaudhry Shafiq, Iqbal Mughal and Ali were also